AlterNet: The Dawkins/Harris Worldview Exposed by a Twisted New Hypocrisy

hartly3/17/2015 1:12:08 pm PDT

Sorry, maybe I didn’t read the article carefuly enough, but I don’t find Arthur Chu’s case against Dawkins and Harris very compelling. Chu doesn’t offer any examples of either Dawkins or Harris conflating Sikhism and Islam, nor does he offer any proof that their criticism of the Islamic religion hides a racist agenda or that it encourages racism on the part of others. Rather, he points out that Dawkins and Harris have criticized Islam, then cites several examples of harrassment of Sikhs by people who have mistaken them for Muslims - people who presumably have nothing to do with Dawkins and Harris. If he wants to nail Dawkins and Harris here than it seems to me at the very least he has to show some sort of connection between the Sikh-hating Islamophobes and Dawkins/Harris, such as Sikh-hating Islamophobes citing Dawkins and/or Harris as influencing their beliefs.