This Is Good: Some More News Dives Deeply Into What It All Means: "The Impeachable Mr. Trump" [VIDEO]

Belafon11/24/2019 12:52:48 pm PST

re: #15 Mattand

Yeah, I’m unfortunately here as well. To counteract #4, we need the following people to vote Democratic:

1) The fucking idiot, spineless “independents” who mainline “Both side are bad” like heroin.

2) The Bernie Bros and their “progressive” allies, aka, the suicide bombers of Democratic politics.

3) Never Trumpers and Republicans/conservatives who actually believe in country over power.

It’s a tall order that, when mixed in with Russian interference, will just not happen.

Like I mentioned yesterday, my best friend’s 19-year-old college sophomore kid has decided that Trump is worthy of holding the same office as Lincoln and FDR. If that is a bellwether of the future, we can pretty much kiss functional democracy goodbye.

If I remember the polling correctly, 2/3 of millenials dislike Trump and the GOP. It’s part of the reason the GOP is so intent on making it hard for college students to vote.