Audio: The Secret Political Reach of 'The Family'

SixDegrees12/03/2009 12:09:42 pm PST

re: #4 Sharmuta

Sounds like shari’a.

I heard this interview when it was originally broadcast. I don’t recall that Sharlet ever mentions it, but just for the sake of clarity the law doesn’t make homosexuality a capitol offense; it seeks to institute the death penalty for someone who knows they have AIDs to have sex with…someone of the same sex. So yes, it’s every bit as bad as presented in the end, and even more stupid, in fact, but it doesn’t seek to criminalize simply being gay. I was slightly miffed to learn this later, rather than from Sharlet, because in some ways this is even worse.

On a related topic: can anyone direct me to independent research that discusses this group’s activities? Everything I’ve checked so far leads straight back to Sharlet when it comes to specifics, and I’d like to get a broader base of information on it. A lot of Sharlet’s reports have an almost Illuminati-reminiscent tinge to them; a few additional sources would be welcome.