Jewish newspaper's editor resigns over Obama assassination column

CuriousLurker1/28/2012 11:16:46 am PST

re: #14 Bob Levin

It’s a widespread problem, and many are acting like it’s his problem only. Call it myopia, solipsism, narcissism—it all amounts to the toolkit needed to provoke or commit violence.

I didn’t perceive it as people acting like it’s his problem only. They’re naturally focusing on him right now because what he said involved the President. Besides, that’s how our news cycle works—intense focus is put on a single person or event for a couple of days, then everyone moves on to the next drama/tragedy/outrage.

That’s why I asked about your meaning. Do you see how rampant this problem is? I’m sure you understand where this leads to, unchecked.

Of course I understand, and I agree that having tunnel vision often isn’t helpful as it distorts things and tends to cause us to overlook more pervasive (and often more subtle & ominous) problems.

What throws me off when responding to you sometimes is that I might be talking about a very specific instance of something and assume that you’re doing the same, not realizing that you’ve shifted gears and are discussing a much more general tendency or trend, which throws me off. That’s not a complaint or a criticism, it’s just an observation—one that I’ll do my best to bear in mind going forward to avoid further misunderstandings.