Patterns the Feds Found for U.S. Mass Killings & A Poll

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Voted close the gun show loophole.

Mass registration is not an option. Even if it was somehow passed into Law, it would have to be funded. As we have seen, the agency that has been tasked with policing firearms (BATF) has been effectively castrated at all levels and is prohibited by Law from compiling a data base.

Hell, California isn’t currently capable of taking firearms away from those they can because of funding constraints.

California unable to disarm 19,700 felons and mentally ill people

SACRAMENTO — California authorities are empowered to seize weapons owned by convicted felons and people with mental illness, but staff shortages and funding cuts have left a backlog of more than 19,700 people to disarm, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

One thing I want cleared up here. Out of those nearly 20,000 people who illegally possess firearms, how many of those weapons were legally obtained before being transferred via private sale or gift? The number of stolen weapons per year isn’t all that high, from my understanding.