Dumbest Man on Internet Screams: 10 ISIS Fighters Caught at Southern Border! DHS Says: False.

A Mom Anon10/08/2014 1:33:07 pm PDT

I just wanted to thank everyone who wished us well in the post below. It’s been quite a day here. Having even the slightest emotional support means more than you all have any idea. So thank you. And Charles, for making this as safe a place as he can for all of us, it helps make a good community. It matters.

Husband got an email, asking, I swear to god, if he is willing to relocate to Denver. FOR A JOB IN DENVER. This does not bode well for our hero. Nothing about the money yet, we shall see.

The tour of the job center with The Son went well. But I about lost it. For the first time ever, he looked at a total stranger and introduced himself and then said “I am Autistic”. I didn’t cry til we got home, but I’m still kinda weepy over that. His VR case worker still hasn’t sent them a referral for this yet and I have to wonder WTF the hold up is. I’m still not sure if this is the place he needs to be, but they will do aptitude evaluations and career planning and other stuff that will be helpful. So I remain guardedly optimistic.