Top IRS Official Will Invoke 5th Amendment

KingKenrod5/22/2013 12:55:00 pm PDT

re: #151 Bert’s House of Beef and Obdicuts

Hey, I’m completely open for debate, and you generally have to piss me off for months before I start engaging the rancor. Feel free. You haven’t really engaged with what I’ve said. Let me restate:

1. I would like investigation of all ‘charitable’ organizations because there’s a lot of fraud there.

2. Since we can’t investigate them all, I’d like us to focus on those we have some reason to think are scams.

3. There’s a lot of scamming in the area of stuff that’s ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’, and also in the area of ‘patriotic’ ‘patriot’ ‘tea party’, etc.

If you think this is too biased, I can understand, but do you get that I, for one, would welcome an investigation of all ‘green’ charities, precisely because I’m an environmentalist? Any that are scams I want brought down.

I’m sure there’s scamming and politicking in tea party groups, but since the link chadu provided in #120 says all the applicants were eventually approved, it suggests that fraud isn’t really that rampant, at least in the groups that stuck the process out. You have to wonder how many of these groups withdrew their applications once the IRS started poking around.