Ridiculous Finger-Style Shredding: Matteo Mancuso, "The Chicken"

Targetpractice5/12/2019 8:06:51 am PDT

re: #158 HappyWarrior

I always thought the argument that the Capitalists made in the Cold War that separated us from the Communists was that we were able to enjoy our lives. What’s the point of having an economy based on innovation if everyone in the economy can’t enjoy it? If the finer parts of life: Good booze, food, travel, recreation, etc are only for the wealthy, then frankly that’s why you get Communist revolutions. Gah this out of touch bullshit pisses me off.

It was actually something that we in the West supposedly claimed separated us from Communist nations during the Cold War, that the few members of the Party enjoyed the finest things while everyone else was “equal” in poverty. And that the West was so superior because capitalism meant everyone could partake in the fruits of their labors, that a “nuclear family” could afford a new home, new cars, all sorts of gizmos and gadgets, good food, and still have money left over to send those kids to college.