Acoustic Mastery: Mike Dawes, "The Old Room"

Florida Panhandler11/23/2020 7:19:30 am PST

re: #134 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

Obama was always branded as an elitist although he got where he got through lots of hard work as well. So did the Clintons or Joe Biden.

We did have plenty of Presidential candidates who fit the Elite category through birth or marriage: Trump, McCain, Romney, Kerry, Bush, Gore…

The trick is to be from the elite but to sell oneself as not belonging to it.

Obama was considered an “elitist” because he actually praised and admired actual scientists, intellectuals, university professors, artists and other classes reviled by MAGAts.

One must hate these groups of people in order to fit in with a large percentage of America.