Brilliant: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Trump With a Five-Minute Corruption Game [VIDEO]

ObserverArt2/11/2019 2:19:13 pm PST

re: #141 Old Liberal

Minority groups who have been historically marginalized/oppressed/murdered have the right to decide what is offensive and don’t need to talk it out with everyone else and get approval to be angry. If you don’t get why they are angry maybe it’s because you don’t have the same life lens. I don’t get it but that’s my problem and they are not obligated to explain to my satisfaction.

Yep. It is hard to make it clear what you want to say.

I wasn’t intending for anyone to give me any approval. I understand why they were upset.

I am sorry I brought it up. I never will again.

I’m losing here. So, I am going to take a break from this subject.