The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

Decatur Deb7/24/2011 3:26:55 pm PDT

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Agree. Been doing it for many, many, many years, with limited results, myself.

One small nitpick, which is bound to turn into a bigger one as the days press on: the reason people are labeling Breivik a “fundamentalist Christian” is because the initial reports of his capture did.

But this is a misnomer. Generally, people take it to mean Fundamtentalist Christian or Evangelical Christian, or any kind of fervent Christian belief, even though this also misconstrues the word. This is something we sticklers just have to live with. But least in the manifesto, there is no indication of anything even remotely “fundamentalist” or Evangelical. Brevik thinks he is some kind of Knights Templar.

Why this is important: the *actual* “fundamentalist Christians”, e.g. Independent Fundamental Baptist, Orthodox Presbyterians, etc have a legitimate beef when being lumped in with a person like this, whether inadvertently or by mistake. It also has the potential for taking a magnifying glass to the wrong people. That easily 1- turns into witchhunting, and 2- never catches the perps.

You won’t find any stronger critic of politically conservative Christianity than moi. But to catch the dirtbags, we’ve got to know what we’re talking about.

We need Oslogin or another Norwegian speaker to go over the origins of the word translated as “fundamentalist”. In one sense fundamental and radical have related meanings.