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BlueGrl214/16/2019 7:50:30 am PDT

re: #100 wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam

I’m not Catholic, or French, and I last visited the cathedral nearly 50 years ago, but watching it burn and crumble made me very sad. As Le Monde quoted someone as saying, it’s like losing a member of your family. Even some of my students are sad, because they wanted to visit Notre-Dame. I’m telling them to wait a few more years, and she’ll be back together and ready for visitors once again.

Regarding the stained glass…if you have ever seen Chartres Cathedral you know how unworldly the stained glass is. A jewel box.

Before WWII they took every…single…piece…of…glass out of those windows and hardly broke one piece. That glass goes back to 1195.

If they can take all of the glass out of Chartres Cathedral they can salvage every tiny piece possible from Notre Dame.

Also, in In 1836 at Chartres, the old lead-covered roof, with its complex structure of timber supports (known as ‘the forest’) was destroyed by fire. Same thing as Notre Dame. It was replaced with a copper-clad roof supported by a network of cast iron ribs, known as the Charpente de fer. At the time, the framework over the crossing had the largest span of any iron framed construction in Europe.

Cathedrals, sadly, burn. Pretty much every one of them has had a major fire. Destroyed. You patch together what you can preserve and rebuild.