Meet the Leaders of the Anti-Mosque Movement

SanFranciscoZionist8/10/2010 3:31:05 pm PDT

re: #149 LudwigVanQuixote

They’ve branched out. Lately they have been hating on SFZ, Hoops, and DF. They always hate me, Ice and Cato. They still have a thing for Irish and Sharmuta.

I am doing better this week, in their “ratings” I have two threads dedicated to me.

I feel honored.

My historical grievances against the Spanish people have been revealed.

(I’ve learned that it is OK to hate Muslims forever because they conquered parts of Spain in the Middle Ages, however, the Expulsion and the Inquisition are evidently just things I should get over. Collateral damage. It was a long time ago. No big deal.)