Video: Seth Meyers on Trump's FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker's Stunning Hypocrisy

Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag)12/19/2017 8:56:57 am PST

re: #42 Belafon

No. Just no.

The end of the US occurs when too many people on the left panic and then give up.

Mueller has to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. While he does that, his reach gets deeper and deeper and draws in more people. You want to get to the real people - Trump, McConnell, Ryan - you have to give him time and supply him the energy.

Even then, it’s not his job to save the Republic. It’s ours. And we can’t do it if we’re being all fatalistic about it.

i am firmly with this

mueller’s job is to do his job. wherever it takes him and however long it takes. it has not been that long.

that trump is president and how he got here (as well as the congress) is an entirely separate problem.
as is whether mueller’s work will nail the president

the entire mechanics of whether pence has to go first, or not (a la agnew/ford) is another dynamic altogether.

i am an optimist, not a pollyanna. the country, and the world, generally is moving in one direction. we are currently in a set back. an unsustainable one. how we get out of it / past it, the rebuilding, whether the dems have the smarts and vision to retake and regain control, — a lot of that is wait and see.

a couple of things i know for sure.
-change has a slow arc
- i’d rather have dems in charge than r’s. even so, in my experience i rarely get what “I” want out of them anyway. maybe things will be different going forward. maybe they’ve learned. maybe not.
- progress is slow and cant be undone. one example - you can deny climate change. you cant stop it. yes planning ahead would be better.
- many of the things i think are good and right, others dont, even those on “my” side. politics is a constant struggle whether you’re in power or not.
- i do not and have never expected anything to really affect me personally from political change. taxes ebb and flow. other people always get the advantages (the rich). social justice - vra, cra, healthcare, etc - move slowly forward.

hope is tough, especially in times of adversity (like mile 22 of a marathon).
yes they’re doing a lot of damage in a short time. - and there’s a lot of pushback
this is not a permanent republican majority. things will shift

i like it here. when i can take positive steps, i do. when i cant, i bitch, moan, carp and make fun of the opposition.

meanwhile, to stay sane
i smile when i can
i keep breathing
and i go slowly

do likewise. do not lose heart.