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Teukka2/21/2021 8:49:09 am PST

re: #159 FFL (GOP Delenda Est)

My brother had his mailbox knocked about a few times. Perhaps once by rowdy rural teens, but more times by a snowplow uprooting it. (Downside of living in western NY in range of the lake effect snow squalls coming off Lake Ontario.)

Hmm. Does the road maintenance dept in his neck of the woods mark the sides of roads with orange sticks with a reflector on them, for the snowplow gangs to know where the probe at the side of the plow (or the side of the plow) is to be at maximum?
Either ask nicely if they have some to spare and for the purpose of keeping mailboxes safe, buying, or making your own (consult local authorities for the specs of said sticks).
This is what they use in my neck of the woods: