Stupid Politician Tricks

The Sanity Inspector3/27/2010 12:37:03 pm PDT

re: #148 HoosierHoops

Registration is open?
I really am going to need a new nic.. I’m moving this summer…a hoosier never more..
You guys wanna vote?
1) Hoopster.. Generic..
2) CollegetownHoops (I’m going to collegetown)
3) The first nic I ever used at my first blog Firedoglake…Napavalleyboy
4) BillyRayMissile I was in a high school rock band playing guitar and wanted a cool name…Billy Ray.. Yes..I thought I was so cool
5) Suggestions?
Vote early and vote often
/I think I should do a parody song of I need a new drug
I need a new nic

Are you still going to Singapore? How about SingaporeSling, then?