An Open Letter to American Spectator

Dark_Falcon6/26/2010 7:42:28 pm PDT

“MrPaulRevere” over at the Other Place put up a post asking about how I could support Charles in light of a comment Charles made about Mao-Tse Tung. As this post did not hurl insults at me, I’m going to answer. Here’s the link to the post he’s bringing up:

I knew it wouldn’t be long before people dug up examples of Republicans quoting Chairman Mao too.

The simple fact is that Chairman Mao was a pretty perceptive political thinker. You can deplore what he did in China and still realize that not everything he wrote was the sheer embodiment of evil.

(I know, this is unthinkable to many on the right. But apparently not to Newt Gingrich.)

‘MPR’ insinuated that there was something wrong with this post. Quite the contrary. Mao was a monster and Charles has never said anything to indicate that he feels otherwise. However, Charles was saying that even that monster had some worthwhile insights. That is not a problematic statement at all. MrPaulRevere, your interpretation is in error. But since you did not insult me, I have worked to not insult you. But Charles is no fool, but instead is an intelligent and insightful man.