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Kragar10/15/2012 8:41:51 pm PDT

re: #145 Gus

I’m still pro-drone. I hate the Taliban; even more I hate Al Qaeda. And yes, I believe in the concept of peace through strength. Beyond that I’m pretty much a flaming liberal. Of course there is the free-market stuff.

[Scratches beard.]

[Dobro slide.]

Just a theory I’ve been tossing around;

Historically, all military organizations can be broken down into one of 2 basic camps, which I call the warrior and soldier camps.

The warrior camp generally approach combat as a challenge, either physically or spiritually. Their fighting style, goals, and strategy generally revolve around the mythos of a single combatant archetype fighting for his own glory. Examples would include your Celtic tribes, Vikings, American Indians, etc.

The solider camp treats war as a profession. The enemy is a problem to be solved, either by direct or indirect means, by the group. This culture is more likely to engage in “war by other means”, such as economic or cultural pressures, but generally tends to have well organized militaries working along side such efforts, such as the Romans, the Ottoman Turks, and the modern US military.

A warrior culture would decry the use of drones as a cowards weapon, a failure to engage the enemy on equal footing. A soldier culture looks at drones as the easiest solution to the problem of dealing with enemy targets in remote locations.