Slap Fight of the Day: Wikileaks vs Pernicious G

jaunte5/19/2014 8:25:28 pm PDT

re: #151 CuriousLurker

Seriously. It makes me feel like people from other countries look at us as being closer to this or this or this than a democratic republic that respects the rule of law. The idiots in the restaurant may not be intending to kill anyone, but they have that same ridiculous, “look at me!” macho expression on their faces

Chez Pazienza:

Maybe it’s really about something else: power. The sense that you’re the baddest bad-ass in the land, ready to stop any threat, no matter how fearsome in your own imagination. That you’re locked, loaded, and ready to go down, as Nizzari says, in “a pile of empty brass” if necessary. If you think this way, you know what that makes you? Yeah, the last person on earth who should be armed.