Colbert: Roger Stone Is a Very Weird Guy [VIDEO]

CongoJack1/29/2019 2:17:45 pm PST

re: #160 HappyWarrior

What part of CO is this? I hear ya tho. We still have some nutters left too. Thankfully Dave Brat is gone.

Oh good. Brat was… weird… to say the least.

I’m in Greeley, CO… basically the largest county by land size… it does a ton of oil (ugh - fracking) and a ton of agriculture (moo). We are about 50 minutes north of Denver. Greeley is seen as the next town to explode as all the other towns I’ve lived in the last couple decades have grown exponentially. In short we are the last medium sized town to explode in the front range.

It is very red here…. but it is shifting blue as the population goes up.