Pamela Geller Rages at the Independent's Accurate Article

_RememberTonyC5/15/2011 2:54:41 pm PDT

re: #162 Obdicut

Oh really? What was it?

I’d love to meet him, but he’s one of the more private persons. Wouldn’t want to bother him.

She was at the deli counter at a grocery store … Some old dude from Delray comes up to this very tanned man waiting for his number to be called and says ” you look very familiar” but the tanned man tells the old dude he must be mistaken and the old guy walks away. After he is gone, the tanned man kind of chuckled “if he only knew.” My friend’s ex asks the man who he is and he tells her “Sandy Koufax.” Even though she is not a sports fan, she knew his name and asked for his autograph on her deli ticket and he obliged. Koufax IS notoriously private. I have a vivid memory of him myself from spring training in the early 1980’s back in Dodgertown in Florida.