Feeling the Bern

One Last Buddha11/12/2015 4:14:15 pm PST

Raptor Rescue Project - Yes! If humanity survives the next 20 years that may preserve the faint memory of Teddy Roosevelt conservatism.
Re Clever Toad: Sane and pragmatic is good, but I fear the political, social and economic spheres are no longer susceptible to rational solutions for national and global crisis. I am convinced Bernie is mankinds last hope to prevent global extinction of our species. Even a massive co-ordinated global effort may be too little too late.
The European Union is a basket case dominated by a German austerity stranglehold. Preventing ecological destruction would require a massive combined effort from the U.S., Europe, Russia and China. The necessary financial and scientific solutions require an environmental Marshall Plan that would require a politically unacceptable sacrifice in global standards of living from all industrialized nations.
Bernie is eager to lead the charge, but can he bring the American people and political process around in time? If America does not lead no other nation has the necessary resources. We would have to commit at least half of our military budget immediately. If not sooner.
Ecological destruction is too lucrative and I believe too entrenched globally for any solution short of economic revolution.
Alien archeologists will conclude that homo sapiens were very close to achieving a galactic civilization, but were destroyed by greed.