The Bob Cesca Show: Trump's Funeral

Blind Frog Belly White8/28/2018 4:10:51 pm PDT

re: #12 Belafon

Anything more advanced than an atlatl and a spear and you have an unfair advantage.

I used to do what’s called ‘Traditional Archery’, which is loosely defined as ‘Not Using a Compound Bow’. New converts to the sport would always start threads on forums, like “What Traditional Archery Means To Me”, and say things like, “If you’re using a compound bow with a bowsight, you might as well be shooting a rifle!”

And this would lead to a “More Traditional Than Thou” competition. One time the oldtimers got into it, very snarkily, which led to “Unless you’re dropping out of a tree, naked, and killing the animal with nothing but your hands and teeth, you might as well be shooting a rifle!”