Glenn Beck: Reform Judaism is Almost Like Radicalized Islam - Update 35% of U.S Jews are Reformed Jews

Nyet2/22/2011 4:25:56 pm PST

re: #14 Bob Levin

One of the tricks that people like Beck understand is that you don’t actually have to literally equate something for that equal sign to appear in someone’s mind. All that is needed is a juxtaposition.

I just don’t think this was any sort of pre-planned thing at all. Listen, I think there is a good chance Beck has antisemitic leanings and I’ve explained why I think that - he’s leaning to paleoconservatism, he promotes obscure hard-right authors from antisemitic/racist milieu (Dilling comes to mind), he builds conspiracy theories around various leftist orgs, old and new, seeking for “links”, and he surely has to notice that there were many Jews involved with these movements (and given his simplistic paranoid worldview he would have to resist reaching certain conclusions that typical antisemites usually make) - in fact recently he cited 9 people ruining America, 8 of them were Jews, then there’s obsession with Soros etc. - so, yeah. But I don’t think he seriously intended this comparison for a nefarious purpose. It was probably just a faux pas.