No. 3 Democrat in the House to Appear With Farrakhan

theheat3/10/2011 8:10:45 am PST

re: #13 Lidane

What Lidane said, exactly. Farrahkan is an epic hater rabble rousing douchebag, and so is anyone who stands with him. But I don’t feel compelled to trip all over myself, when the GOP has effected an entire movement - we’re talking partywide solidarity - to shit all over everyone, and they’ve supported racists, haters, misogynists, anti-Semites, creationists, union busters, homophobes, anti-science faux intellectuals, bible thumpers, and Constitution shredders throughout the process. Daily, even. This is their goal.

One dumbass standing with another dumbass not not define a party. It’s too late to re-define the GOP; it’s what they are.