Egypt-Backed Gaza Gov't Murders 'Collaborator' in Street--with Children Present

sliv_the_eli11/16/2012 4:07:56 pm PST

re: #16 Obdicut

OK, then, at least I understand your point, that it is wrong for others to call on the Palestinians to overthrow Hamas.

But, if that is your point, allow me to offer the following for you to consider. If it is not to be the Palestinians themselves who throw off the oppressive yoke of Hamas, then who should?

1. Israel? If yes, why should the Israelis put their sons and daughters at risk to free people who, as the survey I linked to above show, overwhelmingly support terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians? And, since overthrowing Hamas likely would require an invasion and reoccupation of the Gaza Strip, is that really what you want? (I know the Israelis don’t).

2. The U.S.? If yes, why? What in our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan suggests that we have the capability or will to fix this? Or that we should do it?

Frankly, I am less concerned with who the titular ruler of the Gaza Strip is than with what the people of Gaza and its leadership actually believes. In other words, I don’t care if the Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas or by Fatah, so long as the views of a majority of its residents is that it is okay to commit acts of terrorism against Israeli (and make no mistake they mean Israeli Jews, not Israeli Arabs) civilians. Because, when all is said and done, peace can only be achieved when the majority no longer hold such abhorrent views.