Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Middle East .....

EiMitch11/25/2012 10:09:48 pm PST

For the record, I do agree that making a big deal out of Israel’s response to Hamas rockets seems out of proportion after seemingly yawning over Syria’s civil war. One would think the higher body count would stir the most passionate responses. But nope. It all comes down to brand recognition. We’re used to picking sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For all the outrage people showed, the world was secretly hoping the familiar rival gladiators would ramp-up the bloody spectacle we’ve come to expect.

So really, the “protestors” are actually tailgaters. Try to tell me with a straight face that the “f*** you jew” woman’s level of craziness doesn’t belong in a stadium. Is it sad that we’re treating real bloodshed like a spectator sport? Yes, it is. You can take the people out of the Colosseum, but you can’t take the Colosseum out of the people. We want to see blood, dammit!