Mark Knopfler - Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero (17th Oct 2020)

Jay C10/26/2020 9:05:53 am PDT

re: #132 Quoth the raven, Covfefe.

Mrs. Fish is absolutely paranoid that the Democrats are resting on their laurels and that Trump will still pull out a win. I am trying to remind her regularly that unlike 2016, there is no voter apathy toward Biden, and everyone feels such a strong sense of urgency to get rid of this douchecanoe that they are pressing to vote by any means possible.

Not sure who is “resting on their laurels”, but the national Democratic campaign people sure aren’t. For many days now, my email inbox has been flooded with panicky solicitations from my BFFs Joe, Kamala, Barack, Michelle, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Chuck, and a whole raft of Democratic guest-stars: all of whom seem to be acting as if the polls have suddenly flipped 88-12 to Trump. And exhorting the faithful to GOTV and do something about it (and contribute, of course).
I can’t really say I blame them, though: “2016 PTSD” really is a justified thing….