Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/07/2010 2:52:42 pm PDT

re: #155 Charles

Without getting into the larger issues, I’m trying to make a narrow, specific point — that you’re going overboard with the rhetoric in a way that makes it too easy for people to dismiss you as a hothead. (This isn’t the first time I’ve made this point to you, either.)

If you want to be more effective in communicating the dire nature of climate change (and I agree that on the current path we’re going to have disastrous problems down the road), it would work a lot better to consciously pull your rhetoric back from the brink a little.

I hear your point. I agree that I am saying things that people do not want to hear and that it is perhaps not the most politic way of communicating. I will tone it down in terms of calling for trials against the leadership that is blocking this, the organized corporate powers, the propagandists and the politicians.

However, The prediction of billions dead is not hyperbole. The prediction of war, famine, plague, coastal flooding of 1.5 -20 m, loss of crops and fresh water with billions of hungry, disease ridden refugees by centuries end is not hyperbole. That is what the science says. That is also what the deniers are helping to insure.