How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

vitoc4/25/2009 2:48:00 pm PDT

Hi folks, I am the “German reader” Charles mentioned. Here is some of the stuff I sent to Charles, I hope he will use is it in a new post (or update this one).

You will need to run it through google translations unfortunately, it simply is too much material to translate. However, there can be NO doubt whatsoever that people like Rouhs are right wing extremists.

It is the most recent report of the local authorities /secret service on extremist activities in Nordrhein-Westfalen (that is the German state where Cologne is situated). On page 39-42 you will find information on “Pro Kln” /Pro Cologne. To the nature of this report: It is not a scientitifc study or something, but it is based on intellegence collected by the secret service. The report in itself is written to be “court-proof”, as it is regarded as an official document by the state. The authorities know decidedly more about these creeps of course, but here you will only read what they consider as a) bullet-proof and b) not compromising their sources.

The report mentions in detail the relationship between Vlaams Blok and Pro Kln.

For another take on “Pro Kln” by a scientist of University Dsseldorf (very near to Cologne) see this here:

Somewhat longer on “Pro Kln” -

For the sources: WDR is by far the biggest and most important local TV and radio station. used to be financed and run (at the time of the publication of the article) by highly regarded German weekly “Die Zeit”.

In other words, these are by no means fringe sources, quite unlike pi-news, which is an outcast in German political debates.

And from another email I sent:

A bit on Manfred Rouhs, one of the key players of “Pro Kln”, and the guy starring in the photos with the lovely Axel Reitz:

For quite some time he tried to cash in (unsuccessfully) on the boom of nazi-skinhead rock music in Germany in the nineties, as the editor of a magazine specialised on far right skinhead music, and also as a producer and distributor of such music.

He has become a lot more careful by now, if you look at what he sells through his website, you will not find that much openly nazi music anymore. However, some of the stuff he sells is still quite remarkable - such as this here for example:
Likewise, most of the books on sale are equally remarkable (lots of apologist books of high ranking Wehrmacht officers on how heroic they were fighting in WW2….), for example this here:

This book was written by the son of Rudolf He, who claimed that his father was murdered by the Western allies. - run it through google translation, the English wikipedia on this guy is crap and misses out on his neo-nazi activities. The fact that this particular book is on sale by Rouhs is very significant, as this here for many years, until 2008, used to be the single most important event of the European militant nazi scene. Rouhs is deliberately trying to cater to a hardcore nazi audience.