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DangerMan7/11/2019 8:07:42 am PDT


And we can’t count on a recession to hurt Trump in the polls . New unemployment claims remain very low, 209k reported today, and job creation contunues to chug along as it has for the last 9 years. It will help that everyone on our side is now aware that Trump can win, which should encourage them to show up to vote and not waste their vote on a 3rd party candidate.

Ranked-Choice Voting Is Starting to Catch On

Many Democrats blame those Democrats who voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson for electing Donald Trump. The people who voted for the minor candidates reply that Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate and that they wanted to show everyone that they couldn’t stomach her. It seems like an impossible dilemma, but there is a way out, and it starting to catch on. Ranked-choice voting,

If states adopt a law like Maine’s for the general election, it could remove a lot of acrimony

i’m not one to use the word ‘but’ a lot BUT there is no impossible dilemma as long as ranked choice voting ISNT an option. So DON’T be an ass and vote third party to ‘make a statement’ because it doesn’t actually make the statement you want to make.

(further, and as an aside, if you thought clinton was so ‘deeply flawed’ that you are happy with what we have today, you are an idiot)