Jacob Collier and Daniel Caesar Bout to Get Funky: "Time Alone With You" [VIDEO]

sagehen12/03/2019 9:19:45 am PST

re: #170 A hollow voice says, Impeachmoot now!

And now for something completely different…

I need the help of the Lizard Brain Trust.

On my last vacation, on a boat about one day’s travel past the Azores, I found a bird on the deck, unable to fly. So I collected it and handed it over to the ship people who handle (nonhuman) stowaways.

Since then, I’ve been trying to identify it, with no success. (No picture, you can’t take them with your hands full of Bird.)

Sight unseen, I just assume any bird/boat story it’s an albatross.

Because I was a Lit major.