Huckabee Leads in 2012 Poll

ausador10/23/2009 9:04:47 pm PDT

My Idea for a Huckabe 2012 Campaign Commercial Trail Script:

Opening shot: A well kept small ranch style house with generic cheap cars in the driveway and a low white picket fence around the front yard. Similar houses flank it to each side.

Tighten shot to show only the center house and sidewalk in front.

Enter From Scene Right: Six men in black full body armor, helmets, balaclavas, and goggles. Large white crosses are prominent on the front and back of the mens bulletproof vests. The men leap the fence running towards the house’s front door. One uses a battering ram to burst open the door and the men rush into the house covering each other with automatic rifles in a standard military/swat entry format.

Screaming Female Voice Offstage Left: “Paul run! Get away, their here!”

Enter From Scene Right: A man runs from a doorway on the right side of the entry hall and is immediately tackled to the ground by two of the intruders. He is handcuffed and then roughly jerked to his feet by the men, we see his clothes are threadbare and dirty and that he has an unkempt beard and greasy stringy shoulder length hair.

Paul Yelling As He Is Dragged Back Out Through The Front Door: “Please don’t do this, you can’t do this, this is America, let me go, let me go!”

Enter Scene Center: From the end of the entry hall a little blond haired girl of about seven years old runs towards the front door.

Blonde Girl Screaming: “DADDY, DADDY, DAAADDYYY!”

Transition Scene Part 1: Front door slams shut just as the little girl almost reaches it.

Transition Scene Part 2 : Over sized steel cell door (with exaggerated sound effect) clangs shut.

New Scene: A Grey painted prison cell approx. 4’x8’ with a bare steel bunk frame attached to one wall, a pail sits in the corner, there is no toilet or sink. Paul is seated upright on the center of the bunk frame, his hands clasped before him.

New Scene: A judge/minister in blue protestant robes with white piping sits in an ornate throne like chair atop a raised podium, the rest of the room is shrouded in darkness except for a hugh crucifix with hanging Jesus figure that is spotlighted behind him, Paul is walked into the scene by two black cloaked guards and forced to his knees before the judge.

Judge Sternly Pronounces: “You have been found guilty by this court of heresy, sedition, and calumny against the one true church and holy government of this country because of your postings to the internet. I sentence you to death for your crimes, may God and our Saviour Jesus the Christ have mercy upon your soul, heretic. Have you any last requests?”

Paul: “I only ask that I might wear my vestments to my execution your honor.”

New Scene: An overhead shot of an exterior earthen courtyard surrounded by a high stone wall, three stout wooden posts are planted in the earth about five feet apart and a few feet away from one of the courtyard walls. Paul is walked into the scene surrounded by four black garbed guards, prominent on each guards chest and back is a large white cross.

New Scene: A ground level shot of the same courtyard as Paul is secured to the center post, Paul is wearing the vestments of a Lutheran priest. Paul inclines his head upward looking at the sky.

Paul Speaks Quietly: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Camera pans up to the blue sky overhead as rifle shots are heard echoing in the courtyard.

Voice Over During Huckabee For President Closing Graphic Screen “Vote for Huckabee for President in 2012, Huckabee, putting the FEAR of God back into America!”