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- in the early 90’s i took some time and went on a 2 year grand motorcycle tour of the country
- having (at the time) NY plates on the bike, and for other reasons, i was not anxious to visit some, ahem, southern states.
- in the end i got the better of my prejudices and wound up in a back country campground deep in alabama. I met a wonderful bunch of local people. one took me even deeper/higher into the back hills (yes i heard banjo music in my head). in the end, i had about the best week of my entire adventure.
- 28 years ago and i still remember a lot of it vividly.

today i would almost certainly ride around alabama. georgia’s getting problematic too

In 2013 Zedushka and I drove down to Huntsville to visit our son who was living there at the time.

We followed the directions given by the Garmin, which took us off the Interstate just above the Tennessee line and guided us down some roads that became increasingly backwoodsy (no offense to Sleuth, here!), with the stereotypical cars on blocks, washing machines in the overgrown yards. And yet the Garmin said the destination was 8 minutes ahead… 7 minutes… 6 minutes…

And suddenly there we were in a nicely landscaped subdivision of McMansions!