Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

Cato the Elder2/04/2009 10:25:56 am PST

re: #137 Killgore Trout

This isn’t really a change in the Vatican’s position. he is still reinstated (excommunication reversed) but they are saying if he wants to advance he will have to recant. It really doesn’t change anything.

Respectfully, I think that’s not true. The reversed excommunication simply allows him to receive the sacraments like any ordinary Catholic. It did not “reinstate” him as a bishop, since his bishopric was never recognized in the first place.

The Vatican said Wednesday that, while Williamson’s excommunication had been lifted, he still had no canonical function in the church because he was consecrated illegitimately.

“Bishop Williamson, in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the church, will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of when the excommunication was lifted,” the statement said.

If he doesn’t recant he remains at most a simple priest.