Heartless 'Religious' Bastards of the Day: Mike Huckabee and Bryan Fischer

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re: #171 Political Atheist

Well tread carefully. You registered here recently. Just be aware that some have posted anti Islamic/anti Muslim rants here that got them in real trouble with Charles, due to old history of a lot of that here in the old days. I just say this as a person that tries to follow the rules out of respect to Charles and what he gives us here.

All I’m doing is asking, just requesting us to stop short of that point of using cherry picked passages to disrespect a religion, rather than those who abuse it. A “murdering children section”? That’s pretty out there.

Well, if you’re threatening me with a banning, go for it. However, I don’t understand the problem with quoting the bible when talking about it.

Most people just ignore the ugly stuff, but if you ask any evangelical about the bible you’ll be told that it’s the unerring, divinely inspired word of god. So, that being the case, it’s all fair game. People who never bother to actually read it might even learn something they never heard in Sunday school.