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Jay C12/15/2019 7:32:32 pm PST

re: #172 Interesting Times

Impeachment happened after he won a second term, though:

So…I wonder what Josh Marshall actually meant?

I was wondering too: Josh should know his political history better than that. As I recall, Clinton’s impeachment (and subsequent inconclusive Senate trial) basically did little to affect his polling numbers one way or another. What it did do, IIRC, was affect Al Gore’s election chances in 2000: As I remember it*, he was loath to associate himself too closely with Clinton, and lukewarm about having Bill campaign for him, presumably because he was afraid the scandal-stink would cling to him (and having Designated Moral Scold Joe Lieberman as a running mate didn’t help much).

*quite possibly unclearly

re: #175 Mattand OK. Never mind.