Pomplamoose Rocks Hall and Oates: "Rich Girl"

lawhawk7/06/2018 8:00:25 am PDT

re: #176 HappyWarrior

TBH I don’t think we need to honor vets constantly. Like I’m glad we have Memorial Day, Vets Day, but I have to admit a group shout of USA! USA! rubs me the wrong way ya know?

And every sports event seems to include some homage to veterans.

It started after the first Gulf War and seems to be a reaction (long overdue perhaps) of how we treated vets so poorly during/after Vietnam.

Thing is, we still treat vets poorly. We don’t provide sufficient health coverage upon separation, mental health treatment is suboptimal, and far too many with PTSD are untreated or end up homeless and we should be doing so much better.

Of course, the GOP treats them like disposable heroes - great for publicity and photo ops, but wont lift a finger or spend a dollar more on making sure they get proper care/treatment, let alone a roof over their heads.