Another Outstanding Jam From Bruce Hornsby and Chris Thile: "Cast-Off" [VIDEO]

Colère Tueur de Lapin6/17/2019 9:45:40 am PDT

re: #145 sagehen

DC I’m a little more conflicted about; they’d be one of the least populous states, and a pretty high percentage of the people who live there are only there for a specific administration, they have permanent addresses (and voter registration) in wherever it is they came from. Maybe the people who are really truly permanent DC residents should get to register as “adjunct voters” in Virginia or Maryland?

The bolded statement is untrue and a myth that needs to be thrown forever in the trashbin of history. They majority (by a very large number) of DC residents are permanent. Additionally, giving them voting rights in MD or VA would do what, exactly, for them? They need representation in the house and senate, not another shadow that has no real power. Neither MD nor VA representation would serve them for any purpose at all.