A Gorgeous Performance of Chet Atkins' Classic "Smokey Mountain Lullaby" by Tommy Emmanuel [VIDEO]

Old Liberal6/22/2019 11:08:54 am PDT

re: #27 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

Downhill in the sense of parts of America looking like Somalia with militiamen out in their SUV’s brandishing their weapons.

As I’m sure someone pointed out, Democratic State Senators in Wisconsin did this to try to prevent Snotty Walker from destroying unions in 2011. BUT, and its a big BUT, they simply went to Illinois and got a hotel room. No threats, no militia shit. I personally have no problem with the republican assholes (but I’m redundant) doing this if it is how the system works, but they should all go to jail for threatening violence. And their militia supporters. I thought threatening violence was a crime? Unlike asking for asylum.