Bonus Video From Snarky Puppy: "Shapons Vindaloo" Feat. Väsen

lawhawk2/20/2021 7:12:43 am PST

re: #24 O say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave..

BTW, there was discussion during the landing of the delay between Mars and Earth. Yes, it’s somewhere between 11 and 12 light-minutes away, but at that distance, the bandwidth is a measly 8 kbps. Yeah, that’s right, NASA wishes they had your crappy 56k dial-up right now. So that’s part of the slowness in receiving high-res data, as well.

That was an even bigger issue with the mission to Pluto (New Horizons), let alone the Voyager probes that are even further out in space.

Those missions are why we do space science, and those probes are still returning good science/data despite the bandwith/limited computing power dating back decades.