Oath Keepers: Very Bad Craziness

Killgore Trout10/18/2009 2:53:16 pm PDT

Ed Morrisey gets a call on the clue phone…
A few final thoughts from Western CPAC

First, the event did not turn out a large number of attendees despite its third year in existence, showing that not much momentum has been made by the organizers. The exhibitor “hall” consisted of about five vendors, one of whom got kicked out (more later on that). The agenda included activist such as birthers and impeachment activists, along with candidates who did their best to distance themselves from them.

The general theme of the conference appeared to be mainly a sales job for the personal benefit of the sponsors, and not the promotion of real conservative ideas. And quite frankly, after spending several hundred dollars to attend an event just to be told that dissent is “the heighth of rudeness” and that bloggers should shut up and defer to their movement elders was just a little too much too take.

I won’t return to events sponsored by the same organizations in the future.

Quacks and assorted nuts are exploiting the hapless conservatives? Shocka!