Iran Cancels Gaza Flotilla, US State Dept. Denounces Blockade Runners

darthstar6/24/2010 3:58:48 pm PDT

re: #173 Bagua

Not at all ridiculous. The depictions of Israelis and Jews as blood thirsty each time they defend themselves are extremely common and widespread. Your being unaware of this does not make it untrue.

This one below is from the recent “peace” flotilla. Jews stabbing the ship with a bloody sword. Yet we know the Jews were attacked and savagely beaten. The idea is to paint the victims as aggressors.

Image: 78260.jpg

Yep…that cartoon does depict the Israelis as violent (he’s wearing a cowboy hat, and not a yarmulke, so I don’t think it’s meant to label all Jews, but the Israeli government itself). That said, I can see where one might be offended.

To play devil’s advocate (and for the record I thought the flotilla was a silly idea regardless of how I feel about the embargo/blockade itself), there’s a difference of opinion out there about who the attackers were. Many people see the flotilla members as defending themselves and the soldiers (even though they were armed with toys for godonlyknowswhy) as attackers, while others see the soldiers as innocent victims who weren’t prepared for resistance by the attacking boats. It’s a fucked up argument either way you look at it, and one that won’t be settled in our lifetime.