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Jay C12/02/2018 3:56:34 pm PST

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I dunno: Nate Silver studies this stuff for a living, and I’m Just Some Guy On The Internet: but I think he’s only half-right/wrong here. Yes, issues/policy are important - especially healthcare and taxes, on which Republicans have firmly planted themselves on the wrong side of public sentiment, in general. But one can’t escape the fact that their Party’s nominal “leader” - the President - is both incompetent doofus and dishonest grifter - and that his “base” of red-hat Deplorables isn’t likely - after four years of the Trump Admin’s near-criminal mismanagement of the government* - to be enough (one hopes) to push a national election their way.
F*ck ‘em in any case…..

* Though it’s Trump, it may actually be “criminal”