Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Alexzander7/23/2011 3:02:46 pm PDT

re: #160 Sergey Romanov

After this - I mean the text, not the “fail” paragraph ;)

Some Thoughts:

1.Breivik seems to believe that he has a lot of clandestine sympathy. I wonder if this is true?

1. You quoted excerpts earlier that suggested other cells. Could this be intential fear mongering on his behalf, knowing that his document would be widely read?
If it is intentionally falsified, what else might be put there specifically to mislead?
If it isn’t - this is terrifying.

3. Whats up with the Knights Templar? He seems to primarily identity with them as a political/organizational body. Could there be a lot of sympathy there for his views?

4. I noticed he mentioned Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron for all saying that “multiculturalism has failed.” I always felt that was an extremely terrifying turn in Europe. A dangerous proto-fascist territory they are setting.

We are living in the age of the war between postmodernism and various forms of more traditional world-views.
Nietzsche was correct that this would be painful.