Heartless 'Religious' Bastards of the Day: Mike Huckabee and Bryan Fischer

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)12/14/2012 4:18:12 pm PST


This shooting didn’t happen because of religion. It didn’t happen in spite of religion. Religion has fuck-all to do with the shooting.

What is annoying is the level that people interject religion. The assholes Fischer and Huckabee are doing that, and many, many, many other people agree with them. They form a large voting block in this country. It really is something that’s a concern to our society. We have a problem with radical christianity in the US.

The problem is that radical Christianity uses the same text as nice-nice-door-neighbor Christianity. And while nice-next-door-Christians either mitigate the text or ignore it when it contains awful stuff, the radical Christians use it to justify terrible things.

They also use stuff that doesn’t appear in the bible at all, though, like abortion, and justify murder with that. The problem is not the Bible. You are correct in that.

But we really, really need to deal with the problem of radical Christianity, and i think it’s up to the moderate Christians to do so, both ethically and practically.