Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

ObserverArt7/02/2018 7:46:09 am PDT

re: #117 HappyWarrior

I didn’t get that when I was abroad last summer but a lot had gotten worse since then. I leave for Bratislava next month.

Happy, I made a comment to you a week or so ago that you never responded to about learning a bit about where my Slovak side of the family came from. My cousin who is 100% Slovak (I’m 50-50 with German the other half) seems to think our Grandfather was from Kosice.

It makes sense as it appears Kosice had a pretty good industrial base back at the turn of the 20th Century. My grandfather came to America sponsored by an Ohio manufacturing company due to his expertise as a tool maker.

Anyway…just wanted to toss that in since you are heading over that way.