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ckkatz6/27/2019 3:47:34 pm PDT

re: #86 Eventual Carrion

Groundhogs under porch for me. Hoping ammonia/water mixture drives them away.

When faced with outside critters that are visiting areas I would prefer that they do not, my first step is to spread some moth crystals. This has included skunks under a porch and wasps in my mailbox.

I remember working summers at the Boy Scout Camp in Tionesta and watching farmers and locals spend their weekend afternoons shooting the groundhogs digging up their fields and pastures. I would suspect that this is probably not a good plan, though for under somebody’s front porch.

In terms of mice in the house, most recently, out of curiosity, I conducted an experiment by trying one package each of the major mousetrap traps available locally.

At the end of the infestation, multiple different poison bait traps probably accounted for one, Tomcat brand snap traps got the remaining 7. All of the clever and humane traps that I set out got exactly zero.