Here We Go: The Secretary of the Navy Just "Resigned" Over Trump's Love of War Criminals

mmmirele11/24/2019 4:20:03 pm PST

I got QL’ed.

I went out and protested at Apologia. It was pretty chill, except for the following:

* One guy saying (except for two points) that God tells us to do all the things that are in the “Behavior Control” portion of Steven Hassan’s BITE Model. (Top left in picture below.) You know, I’d questioned whether I should tape those signs on my car, but WOW that was an amazing reaction. The two points he didn’t agree with were the “deprive sleep” and “exploit you financially.” But the rest of it, “God has told people to do them.”

* This guy also said that we shouldn’t believe people who aren’t saved (like Steven Hassan, I presume).

* A woman gave me her anti-abortion testimony, about how she “killed her baby” and now she goes out to the Tempe Planned Parenthood and harasses women. I asked her why she shouldn’t be executed. Well, because Jesus has forgiven her, that’s why. This church still believes women should be executed for getting abortions, but they have the “Get Out Of The Death Penalty Free With Jesus” card, which I find reprehensible. If you really believe this stuff, you should be willing to deal with the consequences of your belief.

Frankly, I would have rather have spent the time watching Godzilla stomping on Tokyo, but my knee is MUCH BETTER and I was able to stand without pain the whole 45 minutes.