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🌹UOJB!5/24/2020 11:51:42 am PDT

re: #10 Welcome to The Imbleachment (dangerman)

i had a bizarre notion / prediction (these days maybe not so bizarre)

- trump knows or will know shortly that he’s likely to lose
- and then he does lose

he immediately announces his candidacy for president 2024

- His age is and will be irrelevant.
- the investigations, lawsuits, indictments, etc will be irrelevant.
- Who the R’s could/should be promoting for 2024 doesn’t matter (to him)
- nor what damage he will do to that person or the party, such that it remains

- he has declared
- so he can continue to fund raise
- and siphon off the money.

The Grift Goes On is way easier to sing than Working For a Living

…until AG Leticia James hands down indictments for Trump and his whole family…but that opens a whole new opportunity…Trump doing the 1920 Eugene Debs thing and running for President while he’s in jail…